The Making of an Effective Mentor

Kids with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. They may understand what’s expected of them but have trouble following through because they can’t sit still, pay attention, or attend to details.

CHILLAX is a 6-week skill building course written by Ken that aims to help young people manage their ADHD symptoms and channel them into constructive zones.

Sessions are-

1. Cool – Understanding cool and un-cool behaviours

2. Calm – Developing skills to self-soothe and calm down

3. Collected – How to focus and concentrate better when doing tasks

4. Controlled – Developing ways to control angry and violent outbursts

5. Confidant – Developing self-efficacy skills to feel confident and competent

6. Chillaxed – Celebrating achievement and graduation

"There is an intolerance of temperamental diversity currently, yet it is that very diversity that has made our culture rich and worthy"

Dr Lawrence Diller, Author of Running on Ritalin