Feeling FANTAstic

Feeling FANTAstic

Adolescence can be an emotional roller coaster. Flooded with hormonal changes, young developing brains may struggle with intense emotional experiences including anxiety and depression. Feeling FANTAstic teaches healthy ways to process thoughts and feelings, reducing their damaging effects. Ken’s hands-on, practical approach trains adult professionals to run the program directly with youth.  Facilitator training is one day, 5-6 hours.  A typical youth program runs two hours per week for six weeks.

(This is not a train-the-trainer model of instruction. Ken asks that all youth programs are led by a facilitator trained directly by him.)

Youth sessions, approximately 2 hours per week:

1:  Feel the Emotion

2:  Accept the Emotion

3:  Name the Emotion

4:  Tame the Emotion

5:  Air Out the Emotion

6:  Review, Evaluate, Celebrate

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose."

Viktor E. Frankl