RAGE: Renavigating Anger & Guilty Emotions

RAGE: Renavigating Anger & Guilty Emotions

You can tell a teenager not to be angry. Or you can show him how to be angry.  RAGE, an award-winning anger management course for youth aged 11-17,  can be adapted to serve younger children as well.  Created by Kenneth Nathan and Carol Musgrave while working for Richmond Community Services, RAGE is a strengths-based, solution-focused program. Ken’s hands-on, practical approach trains adult professionals to run the program directly with youth. 

Facilitator training is one day, 5-6 hours.  A typical youth program runs 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

(This is not a train-the-trainer model of instruction. Ken asks that all youth programs are led by a facilitator trained directly by him.)

Youth sessions, approximately 2 hours per week:

1:  Many Faces of Anger

2:  The 4T’s Anger Cycle

3:  Healthy Expressions of Anger

4:  Beyond the Guilt of Anger

5:  Relaxation, Exercise, and Diet

6:  Review, Celebrate, Evaluate

"Do not teach your children never to be angry;
teach them how to be angry."

Lyman Abbott