What Our Clients Say About Us

“Ken has the knack for engaging with the young person behind the aggressive, destructive, alienated stance, and helping them release their energies more creatively and constructively.”
Dr Henry Luiker,
Clinical Psychologist,
Parks Clinic,
Woollahra NSWW
“R.A.G.E. is an excellent program for young people from the ages of 10 -14 years. After working with a small group within our school, both students and their parents have noted the difference in attitude and behaviour of these young men. This program provides opportunities to develop new ways of thinking and responding to challenges and issues confronting adolescents in their daily lives. Under the guidance of Facilitator (and author) Ken Nathan, students are lead through a series of modules which provide a safe environment to explore feelings and emotions. Ken was able to inject a sense of fun into the learning experience as well as managing to keep the objectives of the program firmly in place.”
Ms Maxine Miller,
School Counselor,
St Dominic’s College,
Penrith NSW.
“Ken is a dynamic group leader with particularly high skills in engaging with young people. He was a valued coordinator of the Zone youth drop-in at Richmond Community Services and developed the RAGE resource within our Family Support program in direct response to a need in working with anger in young people. He has great empathy with the difficulties young people wrestle with and is a valuable member of community services offering and developing valuable initiatives to them.
Ms Yatra Sherwood,
Richmond Community Services Inc.
“The MAAD workshop provides an opportunity for parents and those that work with adolescents to discover the science and developmental issues behind adolescent anger and aggression. Building on this learning the course leaves participants with a broad range of proven strategies that will help reduce adolescent anger within home and school settings. Best of all these strategies are easy to learn and encourage the development of positive respectful relationships between adolescents and their carers. This course will improve your delivery of the RAGE course or other courses aimed at helping adolescents with anger control issues. Highly recommended!”
Peter Johnson
School Counselor,
Mitchell High School NSW.
“Ken Nathan’s manner in working with seriously troubled adolescents is astutely professional but more importantly kind and persistent; instilling hope and pride where previously there was none. He has wisdom and patience beyond his years and though he has taken on a big brief I have no doubt he is up to the job. This bodes well for the young people under his guidance”
Susan Jarnason
Credentialed Mental Health Nurse,
Parks Clinic
Woollahra NSW.
It is quite often we come across young developing minds in need of a guiding light. So often we are left to battle the challenging and often reckless behaviours of our teens on our own with little or no clue as to how. Kenneth Nathan has provided us with this guiding light that is so lacking in a troubled young society such as ours and not only is the light guiding but it is also shining. Ken has the ability to delve into the mind and behaviour of our young and guide them through their most challenging of times. We have employed the services of Kenneth Nathan and have been blown away by his aptitude to working with our young people. He provides a service so lacking in our community, mentoring our young people to provide them with the opportunities they may never have had the ability to gain. Ken’s holistic involvement with young people entails him understanding the issues they are faced with on a daily basis, communicating with them in a manner young people understand, supporting our young people through crises as they occur and helping them cope with the trauma they have so often endured. Ken approaches his work with the utmost professionalism whilst building relationships with young people on a level they understand. He has enjoyed great success in assisting our young to dare to believe and to dream with a hope of their dreams being fulfilled. Ken surely provides a critical service of which there are so few but of which is so important to the future face of our society.
(Out of Home Care Worker)