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RAGE: Renavigating Anger And Guilty Emotions

RAGE, an award-winning anger management course for adolescents, helps teens break the cycle of anger and express their emotions in healthier ways.

What’s all the RAGE about Anger?

From this interactive, motivational 90-minute seminar, teenagers learn to manage and express anger effectively, reaping positive change instead of destruction.


MAAD: Managing Angry Adolescents Differently

MAAD is a full-day workshop that equips service providers, parents, carers, teachers, and law enforcement to help angry teens manage anger effectively.


Managing the Bull

Managing the Bull empowers teenagers with the social resilience, confidence, and self-esteem necessary to counteract bullies.

Mentoring 101 – The Making of an Effective Mentor

Mentoring 101 is a full-day workshop that equips adult mentors to take young people under their wing and help them soar like eagles!


Chillax, a skill-building course, helps young people manage their ADHD symptoms and channel their energies constructively.

Feeling FANTAstic

Feeling FANTAstic helps adolescents to understand and manage their emotions and to express them in healthy ways.

Rules In Relationships
Rules in Relationships equips adolescents with skills to avoid relationship abuse and to build healthy attitudes toward dating and lifelong partners.


The DARE:  Develop Awareness & Rebuild Experiences

The DARE addresses violence awareness, unmasking domestic, family, and lateral violence to break its destructive cycles in all communities.