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RAGE (Re-Navigating Anger And Guilty Emotions)

RAGE is an award winning six week anger management course for adolescents aged between 11 and 17. It was initially created by Kenneth Nathan and Carol Musgrave whilst working for Richmond Community Services Inc. Because of the success of the course it was later incorporated into a resource funded by the Department of Community Services’ Strategy to Reduce Violence Against Women and called, “Breaking Point Breaking Through.” RAGE is a strength based solution focused program that is hands on, practical and also fun for kids. Parents, teachers, carers and the like have commented on how this course has helped them and their children deal with the most misunderstood human emotion, anger. The Session themes are: The Many Faces of Anger, The 4T’s Anger Cycle, Healthy Expressions of Anger, Getting Through the Guilt of Anger, Relaxation, Exercise and Diet, Summary, Evaluation and awards. Each sessions runs for approximately 2 hours.

“Do not teach your children never to be angry, teach them how to be angry”
– Lyman Abbott

What’s All The RAGE About Anger? (A Motivational Seminar For Young People On Anger)

This Seminar runs for about an hour and a half. Using stories and anecdotes to illustrate the point, including humour, audience participation and visual aids Ken presents anger as a normal human emotion but explains how it can become destructive and the resulting consequences. Participants are shown how to recognize their triggers and self talk that breeds aggression and violence. Ken also shows how anger can be transformed and used to make a difference in the world. Participants leave this motivational seminar feeling relieved, understood, encouraged, and motivated to change them selves and change their world! The seminar content consists of, Anger is a normal human emotion, The 4 types of anger, Know your triggers, Consequences of uncontrolled anger, Think before you act, Anger is an attitude of choice, Transforming anger into potential, and Time to change. This course is a must for all teenagers regardless of whether they have out of control anger issues or not.

“Children need models more than they need critics”
– Joseph Joubert

MAAD (Managing Angry Adolescents Differently)

This is a full day’s workshop for parents, teachers, carers and anyone working with young people on how to deal with adolescent anger issues.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”
– John W. Whitehead

Managing The Bull

This is a four six course combining art therapy, games, group work, and role plays to empower teenagers with social resilience skills, confidence and build self esteem to counteract bullies and prevent them from being just bystanders.

Mentoring 101 – The Making Of An Effective Mentor

Mentoring 101: The Making of an Effective Mentor is a full days workshop that equips mentors with skills to take a young person at risk under their wing and help them to spread their wings to soar like eagles!


Chillax is a new course created by Ken to help children and adolescents who are diagnosed with ADHD. This course is yet to be finished and piloted and should be launched at the beginning of 2014.

Feeling Fantastic

This new course, written by Ken, aims at helping adolescents understand and manage their emotions and express them in healthy ways. Other emotions such as fear, frustration, anxiety, embarrassment and feelings of depression can be the primary emotion and without this understanding, and knowing how to vent these emotions in healthy ways, they can turn volatile.

Rules In Relationships
Rules in Relationships was created in response to the growing concerns of teenage relationship abuse directed toward women and young girls. The course is an early intervention adolescent perpetrator preventative program consisting of 8 modules with fun activities and discussions designed to equip adolescent males with the knowledge and skills to abstain from relationship abuse.