Youth Programs for Life Empowerment

Interventions Plus

Kenneth Nathan

My name is Kenneth Nathan, the founder of Interventions Plus. As a teenager, I was plagued by aggression, struggling with emotional expression. My unchecked rage boiled over, leaving a wake of collateral damage. 

But through years of self-reflection, growth, and hard work, I repaired damage, healed wounds, and created youth programs for a better quality of life.

The Problem

Whether road rage, disruptive classroom behaviours, bullying, or domestic and family violence, most of us were never taught a better way. The unhealthy behaviours modeled by peers, family, and media have become both normalised and perpetuated. 

But it has to stop!


Interventions Plus is a service dedicated to breaking vicious behavioural cycles. We offer counselling, dispute resolutions, workshops, seminars, and courses to equip the young generation to conquer their challenges and make positive changes for a brighter future.

“If the only toy a child has been given is a hammer, he looks at everything as if it’s a nail.”

Abraham Maslow