"When the only toy a child has is a hammer, he tends to treat everything as if it were a nail"
Abraham Maslow

My name is Kenneth Nathan and I’m excited you’ve taken the time to browse through my website. My passion is working with young people. I was once an aggressive teenager and struggled with expressing my emotions. I would often explode in a violent rage and for a long time I left a trail of destruction that included sabotaging some very close relationships. I started Interventions Plus because I want to reach out and help others who are having the same struggles that I had as well as assist services and schools to understand and manage these situations.

Anger, violence and anti-social behavior are huge problems in our communities. There’s no argument against the fact that we live in an angry world. Signs of out of control anger abound all over the place. There’s road rage, domestic and family violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, sports rage, computer rage, youth crime, classroom disturbances, bullying and the list goes on. The biggest problem is that these violent angry outbursts are absorbed by our young people who, in turn are acting out what they are exposed to. Also young people’s minds are becoming even more desensitised to violence through TV shows, movies, music, peers, computer games, and even sports heroes who are supposed to be role models! The cycle is then handed down to the next generation and so forth. There is no doubt about it that we are living in an age of rage and this cycle needs to be broken right now!

Interventions Plus is a service dedicated to breaking this cycle by offering counseling, dispute resolution, workshops, seminars and courses to help young people become self aware and make some positive changes. I also offer courses, seminars, and workshops to equip parents, teachers, and service providers with skills to manage adolescents. Please send me an email if you have any enquiries.

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