The DARE: Develop Awareness; Rebuild Experience

In its many forms, violence tears at the fabric of human relationships. The DARE was originally written to target lateral violence in indigenous communities.  With additional content on domestic and family violence, DARE now serves a broader audience.  Adolescents who once normalised and perpetuated violence gain the power to choose a different future. 

Ken’s stories and hands-on activities train adult professionals to run the program directly with youth.  Facilitator training is one day, 5-6 hours. A typical youth program runs two hours per week for six weeks.

(This is not a train-the-trainer model of instruction. Ken asks that all youth programs are led by a facilitator trained directly by him.)

Youth sessions, approximately 2 hours each:

1:  Types of Violence

2:  Domestic Violence

3:  Family Violence

4:  Lateral & Other Forms of Violence

5:  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

6:  Review, Evaluate, Celebrate

"Awareness is the first step towards ending the cycle of domestic violence. Healing comes when we break the silence and shine a light on the darkness."

Sarah McDugal